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El Carton del Muerte - Image credit: Claudio MC

El Carton del Muerte


In this death defying magic act Natalya teams up with her partner in crime, Paul Preston Mills. An act guaranteed to have an audience on the edge of their seats...




Natalya Umanska and Paul Preston Mills in "El Carton del Muerte"
from Natalya Umanska on Vimeo.


Image credit: Claudio MC (top right)





Anyone for Gin and Mozart?

Anyone for Gin and Mozart?


Ms. Umanksa offers a piano lesson to a willing member of the audience. Although her knowledge of music is impressive it is somewhat infringed by the gin addiction. Her participant may not be able to manage the final page but they will certainly be an expert in how to mix a G&T.


(Please note that Ayone for Gin and Mozart? is a cabaret act and not a burlesque act, it also requires a piano.)




Photograph by Andi Sapey




To the Green Faery

To the Green Faery


This dark and intoxicating fan dance took Natalya in to the finals of Burlesque Idol in 2013.


Performed with five foot green silk veil fans this piece ends in a sparkling Absinthe shower finalé!


(The finalé can be substituted with glitter if required. Please specify which ending you would prefer when booking.)


Photograph by Jerry Tye





Tread Softly

Tread Softly


Ms. Umanska's classic showgirl striptease. With a vibrant abundance of purple feathers this routine will have you sitting on the edge of your seats but the excitement really starts when she unveils what she's about to sit on. With sparkle, cheek and a little help from an obliging member of the audience she will have you captivated. But you needn't worry, Ms. Umanska will ask nothing more of her obliging participant other than they, "Tread softly, please."


Audience participation required.


> Watch on YouTube


Photograph by Alexa Vachon



Tread Softly

Up, Up and Away


Natalya displays both strength and elegance in this stylish aerial hoop routine, performed to Lana Del Ray's West Coast.


Photograph by Retro Photo Studio













The Classic Fan Dance

The Girl's Got Feathers


A fun and lively routine this traditional feather fan dance captures the true bump and grind of burlesque. Choreographed with stunning 5ft ostrich feather fans and performed to the big band sound of Sonny Lester this is an act which is guaranteed to get your audience whooping and hollering for all the right reasons.


Bespoke performances must be booked a minimum of six weeks in advance.


Image by Andrew David Photography




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